Here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you. If something is still unclear, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



The most importand and most basic questions about MELT.

Where can I get tickets for MELT?

Where is MELT taking place?

When is MELT taking place?

How old do I have to be to attend?


How to get to MELT and what's important to know.

How do I get to MELT?

Can I leave the parking lot with my car? 

Are there busses to MELT?

Are there free bus shuttles from the train station?

Will there be a bus shuttle from neighbouring cities?

I want to ride my bike to MELT. Is that possible?

I have a Weekend Ticket, but can only arrive after the start of the festival. Is this possible?


All you need to know about your overnight stay.

What are the opening times of the camping site? 

Can I reserve a camping area for my friends?

Can I reserve my own tent and equipment on site?


You want it more comfortable? Please find all our Glamping offers below and book your Glamping Add On here.

Which Glamping offers exist? 

Will I need an additional ticket? 

I bought a Weekend Ticket and the Glamping Add On, but I still only have a Weekend Ticket in my Ticketmaster account. When will I receive the Premium Weekend Ticket? 

Can friends visit me? 

I will arrive by car. Where can I park? 

Can I camp next to my friends? 

Are there cheaper alternatives? 


Interested in arriving with a car or caravan? This will help you.

When do I need which add-on?

Are car and caravan camping on the same campsite?

Are tents allowed when car and caravan camping?

Can I get external water/power for my caravan? 

Can I leave the camping area with my car/caravan? 


All information you need to know for your festival experience.

Which beverage containers are allowed?

Is grilling allowed? 

Is swimming allowed? 

Who can I contact in emergencies? 

Are there lockers?

Where can I charge my mobile phone? 

Are there free bus shuttles from the train station?

Is there a lost & found? 

Will you broadcast the European Football Championship?