The full lineup for the Autoscooter at MELT 2024!


Anyone who has followed our socials or been to MELT in the last couple of years will already know it: the Autoscooter, a converted and repurposed bumper car ride, which is the home to the fast beats, trancey synths and pop edits at MELT.
Initially viewed with suspicion by some, the vibe eventually spreads to everyone - at the latest when you're packed in tightly with others in the crowd, the floor is bobbing beneath you and your field of vision consists of nothing but ecstatic people and colorful fairground lights. 

As in previous years, three collectives will each take over the reign for one night of the Autoscooter: on Thursday, southstar will present his new series Unplayed, before the Cologne collective Club Heart Broken gets the crowd jumping on Friday. The final event will once again be teenage dreams, label and event series by the duo DJ Heartstring.

Unplayed - you will be reading this name more often in the future, as the producer and DJ southstar gathers his friends and comrades-in-arms around him under this title. He has picked out a few highlights for MELT 2024: In addition to his own set, HorsegiirL, Funk Tribu, Crush3d, Hello Sasy and Haaizey b2b Nana Tranquillo will also ensure a collective frenzy of joy.
"Never change a running system" you might think, but for anyone who has witnessed the development of Club Heart Broken in recent years, it's clear: there's no way around this collective from Cologne right now anyway. If the sweat is dripping off the rain cover at an outdoor event, then you're definitely doing something right. They're coming to MELT 2024 with the whole team: in addition to Marlon Hoffstadt and Malugi, residents Dangerous Dreaming, DCHM, evin, ferrari rot and Surf 2 Glory will also be there. There will also be a Very Special Guest, who we are not allowed to reveal at this point. 🤫
MELT 2022, Saturday night: The full power of the bumper cars becomes really clear here for the first time. The duo DJ Heartstring are on the decks and provide a set that will stick in the minds of those present for months and years to come.
DJ Heartstring have not only gone international, but have also been a permanent fixture at MELT ever since, and thus will be presenting their event series and label teenage dreams in 2024, just like last year. In addition to their own set, they will be bringing along three DJs - Kettama, Lovefoxy and Maruwa - who represent the full spectrum of their influences.

Full Lineup for Autoscooter (A-Z)

Dangerous Dreaming
DJ Heartstring
Ferrari Rot
Funk Tribu
Haaizey [b2b] Nana Tranquillo
Hello Sasy
Marlon Hoffstadt
Surf 2 Glory
+ Very Special Guests

Club Heart Broken
Teenage Dreams


These acts will play right next to the already announced James Blake, Sugababes, Skepta, Romy, Bonobo (DJ Set), DJ Koze, Slayyyter, COBRAH, Kenya Grace and many more. You can find an overview of all already announce acts here
Currently there are only a couple of Hundred tickets left available - afterwards the price will increase! So if you want to save money, better act now!
We're looking very much forward to see you!