Cashless terms and conditions

The cashless payment system provided by the organizer and distributed by Weezevent (, 14 rue de l'Est - 21000 Dijon, France (hereinafter "RFID chip issuer"), is the only payment method at MELT Festival. The organizer and the customer (also "RFID chip carrier") agree on the following:

When purchasing the festival wristband (hence "RFID chip"), the RFID chip issuer and the RFID chip wearer conclude a contract for the use of the RFID chip as a means of payment. By adding credit to the RFID chip, the organizer and the consumer agree to use it as a means of payment under the following criteria. The RFID chip holder and the relevant acceptance points have a separate contract when using their services.

The RFID chip will only be used at the 2023 event. The RFID chip issuer can commission third parties to provide contractual services. Name and e-mail address are personalized on the RFID chip according to the connection between the organizer and the customer. The RFID chip cannot be passed on. The organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen RFID chips.

At locations that accept RFID chips, customers can pay without cash. Each payment process reduces the credit on the RFID chip. The RFID chip issuer is not liable for the services of the acceptance points that can be paid for with the RFID chip. Reimbursement services and costs for purchases must be deducted from the credit in a timely manner.

Customers authorize payment orders through the use of RFID chips at acceptance points. The customer must quickly identify and solve any problems with the contractual relationship and acceptance. They do not cause the RFID chip credit to debit the ordered amount. To avoid misuse, the RFID chip owner must handle it carefully. Customers can no longer cancel payment orders once they have been authorized by the acceptance point.

The RFID chip can be charged or recharged via the bracelet. It can be topped up online prior to the event or at designated locations around the venue during event times. The credit limits the use of the RFID chip. The credit limit of the card is 250 euros. Private credit amounts do not earn interest.

The RFID chip can be used for payment at the affiliated acceptance points from receipt until it expires. The remaining credit can be refunded online within four weeks after the event. There is a small fee per transaction for online refunds. Promotional credits/vouchers are non-refundable and will expire after the event.

The customer is responsible for the loss and misuse of the RFID chip. The acceptance points do not check ownership of the RFID chip. The RFID chip issuer reports criminal offenses. Civil claims may be made in certain situations.

German law applies. The seat of the RFID chip issuer in Dijon is the place of jurisdiction for the customer if the place of jurisdiction is not in Germany. The RFID chip carrier receives the data after the purchase in accordance with the GDPR. The customer accepts the privacy policy of the RFID chip issuer.