The official playlists for MELT 2024, including all artists!

It's less than 6 months until MELT 2024: So it's about time to get to know the 150 artists who will make this year's festival so special!

If you need a bit of MELT feeling at home, then check out our official MELT playlists on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube! All of them are updated regularly, and include all the best tracks, sets, concerts and mixes of the artists of MELT 2024! Like, follow and enjoy the best music, discover your new favorite artists and get ready for the best festival in July: MELT 2024 is just around the corner! So if you haven't yet, get your ticket now and see you in Ferropolis!


MELT 2024 on Spotify


MELT 2024 on Soundcloud


MELT 2024 on YouTube




You want to relive MELT 2023? We got you covered! We have archived our Spotify playlists, so you have the perfect soundtrack for all those special memories.



This Spotify playlist features (nearly!) all artists of MELT 2023. More than 15 hours of great music - we're sure you'll discover some new favourite artists in there!
Listen below or click here to listen on Spotify.


MELT Curated

This playlist was curated bi-weekly by selected artists of MELT 2023. In here, they showcased their influences, inspirations or just track they enjoy. It's a unique insight into the creative hearts of the artists. After two weeks, all tracks got deleted and another artist took over the playlist - so you've got lots to discover! The last installment was taken over by our dear friends SMS3D.
Listen below or click here to listen on Spotify.


Nonetheless, nothing comes close to the real experience. So make sure to get a ticket and see you at MELT 2024!