A tent for 4 people, provided by DOMO. Upgrade your camping experience!


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating beats while surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Ferropolis in Germany? Look no further than MELT, the ultimate festival experience that combines the best of techno and house music, rap and indie, community, and so much more.
As you gear up for MELT 2024, let's explore the different types of camping options available to ensure you have the perfect base for your festival adventure.

Mein Zelt Steht Schon: Hassle-Free Camping

As in previous years, MELT is proud to partner with Mein Zelt Steht Schon to offer hassle-free camping solutions for festival-goers. Picture this: everything from tents to seating and sleeping bags is already set up and waiting for you upon arrival. With Mein Zelt Steht Schon, you can skip the cumbersome task of lugging your camping gear and dive straight into the heart of the festival. Booking is a breeze, and you can find all the details you need here.

Utopia Camping: Eco-Friendly Convenience

For all eco-conscious festival enthusiasts, Utopia Camping is your go-to choice. Experience the ultimate convenience of eco-friendly camping solutions by renting tents and camping accessories directly on site. With Utopia Camping, you not only simplify your festival experience but also contribute to their and our mission of minimizing the environmental impact of festivals. Secure your camping essentials now by clicking here and join the movement towards sustainable festival living.                

Domo Camping: Glamping Experience

In cooperation with our partner DOMO Camp, MELT offers a unique glamping experience for festival-goers. Choose from various cabins and premium tents for 2-5 people, each equipped with comfortable beds, bed linen, lighting, electricity, and more. The Glamping Add On includes an automatic upgrade to a Premium Weekend Ticket, ensuring you enjoy all the festival perks. Whether you opt for a cozy chalet or a spacious igloo tent, Domo Camping provides a luxurious retreat amidst the festival excitement. Book your glamping experience here and elevate your MELT festival experience with Domo Camping.

Travelcircus: Premium Hotel Packages

Looking for a more luxurious festival experience? Travelcircus has you covered with their premium hotel packages. Enjoy a comfortable stay at your choice of premium hotels near the festival location, complete with additional perks such as breakfast and Weekend Tickets for MELT 2024. With complimentary parking at the festival location during the festival days, Travelcircus offers convenience and luxury all in one package. Book your premium hotel package now and elevate your MELT festival experience to the next level.


Whether you prefer the convenience of hassle-free camping, the eco-friendly solutions of Utopia Camping, the luxury of premium hotel packages, or the glamping experience with Domo Camping, MELT has the perfect accommodation option for you. Say goodbye to the stress of setting up camp and embrace the excitement of immersing yourself in the unparalleled music experience.

With MELT 2024 just around the corner, now is the time to secure your camping accommodations and prepare for an unforgettable festival experience. Get ready to dance the night away under the stars and create memories that will last a lifetime. See you at MELT!

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