Arriving all relaxed and fresh? Book your bus trip now!


The most stressful part of a festival experience is often the journey there and back. Does the pavilion fit in the trunk? Can someone else carry all the beer? And who can actually drive on Sunday?! These are questions you can't avoid when planning a festival. But fear not, we have a solution for you with our bus trips! Whether you're coming from the Netherlands, Switzerland, or various German cities: come to the meeting point, get chauffeured to MELT 2024, and relaxingly brought back to your hometown on Sunday!

Bus trips from Germany

With Bassliner, we have a partner who has been the epitome of festival bus trips for years. Whether you're coming from Munich or Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin, or Leipzig: With Bassliner, you'll make your way to MELT relaxed and be dropped off directly at the wristband exchange. You couldn't have a much better and faster start to the festival year 2024! You can find all departure times and locations on their website.

International bus trips

For those coming from surrounding countries, you can book your bus trips through Maximaltrips. Maximaltrips has been a close partner of MELT for years, and is known for its punctuality and reliability. Departures from Zurich, Amsterdam, Maastricht, and other cities are available to you: whether it's one way or round trip. Prices and information can be found in their shop.

Of course, there are still traditional ways to get to MELT - although they may not offer the comfort of a bus trip. Here are some additional details:

The sustainable alternative: The train

At MELT, we place great emphasis on sustainability. And the most sustainable way to travel is still by train! From Berlin, you can reach Gräfenhainichen train station in just over an hour. There are several direct connections per day from Bitterfeld, Leipzig, Halle (Saale), and Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Gräfenhainichen. From the station, you can then take the free bus shuttle to the campsite. However, please note that during peak times, there may be delays with the bus shuttle, so it's better to allow for some waiting time to avoid missing your train!

The classic choice: The car

Of course, you can also drive to MELT by car. The address is Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen, and MELT Festival can be easily found on Google Maps. You can reach the festival grounds directly in 20 minutes from the A9 and the Dessau Ost exit. Please make sure that you also own a Parking- or Car-/Caravan-Camping-Add-On However, please make sure that you are fit to drive for both the journey there and back!

For longer distances: Arrival by plane

If you have a particularly long journey, you can also arrive by plane. No, we don't have a private airfield, but the airports Halle/Leipzig and Berlin/Brandenburg are not far away. From there, you can easily continue your trip by train!

For the sporty ones, hop on a bike

You can also travel to MELT very well by bike. Sure, it's not for everyone, but if you're up for it, you're warmly invited to move towards us using your own muscle power! There's a secure bike parking lot at the guest list where nothing goes missing. However, bikes themselves unfortunately cannot be taken onto the camping grounds.

So, will we see you at MELT 2024? Secure your tickets now and experience the festival weekend of the year!