100 years of Em-eukal! This means not only that they have virtually witnessed the first moon landing or the invention of the Internet, but that they have already been experts in throat and cough sweets for 100 years. Pretty wyld, right?
For this, they not only dug through their own archives and searched through the last 100 years, but also took a look back at the last 100 years of human history. You can follow what they’ve made of it regularly on their social media channels and under #100JahreEmeukal.
They are #nurechtmitderfahne. For 100 years. Of course, this has to be celebrated properly! With you. At MELT.
That's why they are giving away 1x2 Weekend Plus tickets, 2x3 Weekend tickets and, for everyone who has their ticket already, 2x Glamping tickets (for 2 people each).

To participate, head to their website!