It's been a few days since MELT 2023 now. The people are gone, the vibes are gone, the music is gone; but the memories we've made will stay in our hearts. 
Well, maybe not all if it is true — the vibes and people will be back next year, and regarding the music, we've got your back.

If you've had enough crowd and live music for the moment, then take a look at HHV Records — either online or stop by their store in Berlin-Friedrichshain. At their store, you can even finde a section dedicated to some of the finest Vinyl of MELT 2023 artists. Digging records while shedding a couple of tears thinking about the madness that was MELT 2023 — yeah, people might look a bit weird at you, but they have probably not experienced what you have. So who cares?!
If you're not necessarily into public crying, then stop by their website: With a selection of more than 80.000(!) records, HHV has one of the largest online catalogues globally. From Sept's Sensation Seeker 12" in the Yellow Marbled Vinyl Edition (released on Voxnox), to a preorder of Róisín Murphy's upcoming album Hit Parade in a Limited Purple Marbled Deluxe Edition or Malugi's Body Bounce EP — the possibilities here are endless. We're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

If MELT 2023 has triggered something in you and you can't wait for the next show, we'd suggest to take a look at the Concerts page on our Website. M83 in Berlin, Kobosil [b2b] Klangkünstler, Overmono, Boris BrechjaModerat: There's a lot going on in Berlin and Germany in the upcoming weeks. We're sure you'll find something (or discover something new)!