The word everyone uses when they see The Blessed Madonna in a DJ booth, whether on a computer screen, in a small room or in a stadium: energy. Her fluent and dynamic sets, which span from disco to techno to house and back, maybe stopping by a little drum and bass on the way, have led her onto the world's largest stages: Coachella, Sonar, Panorama Bar - you name it. And she owns them. Her production catalogue includes remixes for Robyn, Dua Lipa, Georgia, Tiga and solo work for many labels, created DJ mixes for the biggest and most prestigious outlets and is also simply a great human being. Whether it’s traveling to Uganda to work directly with queer women DJ’s, mentorship schemes for women, advocating on behalf of various racial justice efforts, prison and bail reform and especially international refugee, feminist and LGBTIQ+ projects, her commitment to humanitarian work is as strong as her commitment to music.