Shanti Celeste’s career to date has been characterised by a contemporary, U.K. take on the classic Detroit sound. The expansive, emotional visions of the early Techno pioneers are reflected in Celeste's open take to her craft. Her approach to production has leant her DJing a breath that has earned her a distinct enthusiasm amongst today's electronic music base. 

Now based in London, Toronto’s Peach has been steadily developing a reputation in the club scene for her fast, melodic, electronic, trippy house and techno. Her sets are creative, coherently traversing several genres. She deftly constructs elevating narratives with energy, dynamism and passion.

It is said, the best b2b sets are those, where the artists not only share an artistic understanding, but also a deep personal bond. And only few share one as deep as Shanti Celeste and Peach. Let's get excited about which spells this dream team will cast upon us.