Few do it as casually and nonchalant as P.Vanillaboy! Representing Charlottenburg since day one, this young man has quickly conquered the hearts of Berlin and beyond through his eclectic productions and easy going approach. Creatively mixing and swerving through familiar and unconventional sounds, he's geared to light up any booth out there. Known for stand-out tracks like infamous “Nachtschicht”, this blessed producer and DJ holds a special place in people’s hearts.

Producer and DJ penglord is on his way to become a household name of a newly emerging scene, effortlessly fusing old-skool rave, breakbeat and hip-hop elements into a powerful concoction that leaves dance-floor and big festival stages shaking alike. Having gained cross-border notoriety through the viko63 & penglord project that already put out multiple, well-known hits, he's now deepening his relationship with where everything started: on the decks. Expect the unexpected, but expect madness - no one else knows how to fine-tune and jumpstart a party better than he does.