Within the UK club scene, few occupy the space that London-based artist LUXE has carved outfor herself in recent years. As a DJ, she’s a fixture, noted for her eclectic yet focused selections– able to simultaneously blend in and stand out on a wide range of lineups, unperturbed bygenre or scene constraints. As a producer, she is rapidly making a name for herself as apurveyor of thoughtfully multifaceted music that finds life on, and increasingly, beyond thedancefloor.Originally based in Brighton, LUXE studied classical music from a young age, with focus onflute, piano and voice. Following a move to Manchester for university, her focus shiftedtowardthe city's rich club scene. Since moving to London, her various disciplines have begun toconverge – the open-ended possibilities of electronic music, the invaluable underpinning ofmusic theory and the understated confidence afforded from years of classical practice.