To many of you, ERIS may be a project that needs very little introduction. But if not, we'll help you get to know this unparalleled duo: Enrica Falqui has been a very active contributor to Europe's electronic music scene for many years through DJ performances and alias releases. Having a passion for spending long sessions in her studio and for obsessive musical experimentation, an impromptu session with Dea Dvornik, someone she met for the first time that same night, would mark the start of a burning new artistic journey for them both.
Dea's life has always revolved and been influenced by music and is now an art form that is at her core. As a talented musician, Dea's style and ear for melody was something that Enrica found very unique and the two began to create together. Their unreleased music was picked up by the illustrious DJ Masda and So Inagawa, label bosses of one of Cabaret Recordings. Eris' music was revealed to the world in the form of their debut and sophomore records "Moments" and "Champions League" which put the project on the radar within electronic music. What's more, the duo managed to forge a collective DJ'ing style with a distinctly unique club-perfect sound that saw them become one of the most sought after invitees at many of the world's best parties.