The young songwriter/performer EKKSTACY had already dealt with a lifetime of depression, insecurity, and social isolation before a severe depressive episode at age 17 led him to drug-induced psychosis and a suicide attempt. As he bounced back from the episode, EKKSTACY immersed himself in music. Already a fan of the emotionally fraught melodic hip-hop that had blown up on SoundCloud in his early teens, he now threw himself into moody indie rock with the same intensity, binging on acts like Beach Fossils, Current Joys, and The Drums in his downtime between shifts at an Amazon warehouse. Soon enough, he channeled his musical obsession and his mental health crisis into his own songs: Brutally honest lyrics about self-harm and sadness, combined with slate-grey production that recalls the early-80s wave of post-punk and proto-goth, but also overflowing with melodic pleasures and hooks upon hooks.