Since his first release in 2011, Dan Snaith aka Caribou aka Daphni has become a fixture in the world of underground dance music. Whether in the studio or the club, Daphni has always been a pursuit where Dan Snaith lets the music find its own path. From his debut album 'Jiaolong' in 2012 and his 2017 release of both a fabriclive mix composed entirely of his own unreleased tracks and edits and his second album 'Joli Mai', up to 2022’s ‘Cherry’: Daphni tracks have populated the DJ sets of many of dance music's most forward thinking DJs. Though Dan has gained a reputation for varied and extended DJ sets in some of the world's finest clubs - Fabric, Panorama Bar, De School, Warehouse Project, Concrete, Printworks, etc. - and euphoric headline DJ sets at festivals the world over, Daphni appearances are rare - balancing time recording both Daphni, Caribou and touring means that a Daphni DJ set is always special.