Byron Yeates is a DJ and heads the record label, Radiant Love. Based in Berlin, he has in the last years served his signature sound at Panorama Bar, Tresor, and Shelter Amsterdam. His sets are inflected with an attitude that can at once be incredibly playful and theatrically sincere, a duality that animates the queer lineage of electronic dance music in which Yeates places himself. The femme vocal is mixed into thumping progressive trance, which in turn meets a throwback house track, or swerves down to the nod of downtempo. What remains consistent through Yeates’ selections is a heady depth, keen and delicate melodies, and a forcefulness that never lets surprise step off the dancefloor.

Marie Malarie is a London-based DJ spearheading a new generation for whom genre is as fluid as gender. A resident for HOMODROP, Adonis, regular at Chapter 10 and founder of dizzying array of queer parties, their sound encompasses the vintage and modern, blending anything from hi-nrg to hardcore with a seamless sonic dancefloor logic.