Baby B3ns comes from the deep recesses of internet pop. There is as little cultural difference between overgentrified metropolises and provincial wastelands as there are national borders.  Her debut single "Baby Blizzard" already sounds as internet as it does international.It really started with Grimes, says the Berlin native herself about her socialisation.  With her self-produced electropop albums, the US-American formed a new digital subculture world at the beginning of the 2010s. From here on, genre was no longer worth anything. Anywhere between folklore, grunge, manga and kitschy 2000s pop hits, everything could suddenly be combined.  Ten years later, more than subculture has come out of this era. In countless variations and evolutionary outgrowths from vaporwave to nightcore and cloud rap to the current style-defining hyperpop, the weirdos of the internet have evolved from a niche into style icons of the youth.