Post-constructivist rave, hi-nrg lovecore, cakebeat, fabba. Angel D’lite comes from an alternate universe where the UV sun gives way to neon night skies and genres flow lysergically in kaleidoscopic displays of temporal distortion. Schooled in London’s underground party network, in a short time she’s gone from omnipresent trance dancer (signature move: the table polish) to being at the forefront of an international queer resistance against corporate electronic music monoculture. With her own internal guidance system powered by trifle, shell suit static and the gyrations of Jimmy Somerville’s hips, she plays from her heart for your feet – whether that means dropping Yazoo or DJ Seduction. Releases on Shubzin, Ritual Poison, Planet Euphorique and more, meanwhile, have blended femme sensuality with roughneck rave. Always ecstatic, empathic and energetic, she looks like the party she brings. So keep your eyes on the heavens and remember: neon sky at night, Angel D’lite.