Ticket Specials

3-day ticket + exclusive Erlend Øye acoustic gig

By purchasing a Melt! ticket in the third week of Advent, you will be able to witness an exclusive gig with Melt! darling Erlend Øye. After his last two Melt! shows with Kings of Convenience and Whitest Boy Alive, the singer-songwriter will play an intimate acoustic gig in a never before used venue in Ferropolis.

€ 136

Regular Tickets

3-day ticket

Valid for all three festival days + camping and parking (incl. € 5 garbage deposit and booking fee). Tickets are personalised for the first time this year. Please, find all necessary info below.

€ 136

Pre-party ticket

Valid for our pre-party at Intro Zelt on Thursday, 16th July in combination with a 3-day ticket to Melt! Festival only. First acts will be announced soon.

€ 11

The following items can be booked in addition to a 3-day ticket:

Camping Plus

All CampingPlus offers include: use of sanitary facilities free of charge, separate shuttle to festival area, ticket check-in via guestlist, separate festival entrance, car parking next to your tent.

Camping Plus Basic Ticket

With a basic ticket, you can pitch your tent in the CampingPlus area to enjoy all the amenities listed above.


MiXery Melt! Train

In collaboration with MiXery, we will, once more, charter a train taking you from Cologne to Ferropolis – a very unique accommodation for the duration of the festival.



Why personalised tickets?
In terms of ticket purchase, we're doing something new this year. Since ticket fraud and immensely expensive black market tickets were a major issue in past years, we decided to introduce personalised tickets. So what does that mean for each and everyone of you:

How does it work?
If you purchase a ticket for you or your friends, you'll have to register with your and your friends' full names. One for each ticket.

Can I purchase more than one ticket? For my friends for instance?
Of course. In case you want to purchase more than one ticket, it is important to give all your friends' full names and e-mail addresses. These names appear individually on each purchased ticket. You will only be granted access to the camping site and the festival site if the name printed on your ticket corresponds with the name on your ID card.

How important is registering with an e-mail address?
Since people might register with the same name, identifying that you are actually you is important. We will do this via your e-mail address.

What do I do if I won't be able to attend the festival, but the ticket is registered under my name only? Can I re-sell my ticket or give it to someone else?
Only the person who's name is printed on the ticket will be able to enter the festival site. You cannot just give your ticket to someone else. However, at the beginning of 2015, we'll launch a platform via which you can re-assign your personalised ticket to someone else, or you can re-sell your ticket for a reasonable price. We recommend purchasing tickets not as a guest but registering with Tixforgigs. Purchasing other Melt! related deals or later changes to your ticket will be easier to make.

How do I get hold of my festival wristband?
You'll be able to exchange your ticket for a wristband at a wristband exchange booth on location. Your festival ticket allows you to enter the campsite as well as the festival site if the name on your ticket corresponds to the name of your ID card. Please, have a valid ID ready for check-in.

Third party tickets / black market tickets
We urge you not to purchase tickets via eBay or other ticket platforms since tickets are only valid if your name is printed on the ticket. This can only be the case if tickets were bought via Tixforgigs or our official tickets shops which will be posted on our website shortly.

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