By Car

For your GPS: Ferropolisstraße (06773 Gräfenhainichen) / Corner of B 107
After exiting A9 follow B107 (the way to Melt! will be signposted). Past Jüdenberg, you’ll cross a bridge where you will find our parking area.

Car pooling is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions.

Instructions for Caravans

A special parking are is provided for campers and caravans. Pitching up tents is STRICTLY PROHIBITED there. Open fires are prohibited as well. Like on our camping site, BBQ grills are allowed. Please follow security orders, otherwise we'll have to forcably move your vehicle. Also, choose your camping area wisely without hindering the ambulance's escape route.

If you arrive with a camper or a caravan, we cannot guarantee you a parking space. Therefore we suggest you arrive on Thursday.

By Train

In collaboration with MiXery, we will, once more, charter a train taking you from Cologne to Ferropolis – a very unique accommodation for the duration of the festival. Our 5th anniversary special (pay for five seats, get one free on top) has sold out, the remaining seats will be sold as usual. For further details, check the following link.

You have room in your car? You are looking for a cheap option that'll get you to Melt! Festival 2014? Then is a great choice. Here's the link.

By Aeroplane

The airport closest to Ferrpolis is Leipzig/ Halle, 70km from the festival site. From there, you can reach Melt! Festival by train or car. For further information check out the following link: Leipzig/Halle. If you decided to travel to Ferropolis via Berlin, shuttle buses to Ferropolis will also available. More info soon.

By Bus

To find out about cheap bus tours and travel packages to Melt! from all over Europe, please click here.

Runter vom Gas

Was auf dem Melt! passiert, bleibt auf dem Melt!. Aber sobald ihr ins Auto steigt, gelten andere Gesetze - die des Straßenverkehrs. Damit das Festivalwochenende nicht im Crash endet, macht sich „Runter vom Gas“ für mehr Sicherheit auf deutschen Straßen stark. Im Fokus der Verkehrssicherheitskampagne stehen junge Fahrer und die Gefahr von Alkohol und anderen Drogen am Steuer. Der ernste Hintergrund: Fast alle fünf Minuten verunglückt ein 18- bis 25-Jähriger, oft mit Promille im Blut. Also denkt dran: Vollgas feiern – nüchtern fahren! Weitere Infos zu „Runter vom Gas“ findet ihr unter: